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Zander Guinn Millan is a strategy and communications firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Experienced in a range of effective strategies for outreach and distinctive creative, ZGM helps businesses obtain success and enhanced differentiation in their markets. Each project is conceived as a whole – from the first client meeting to the finishing details.

Brand strategist Melanie Guinn, Creative Director Lynda Folz, Enviro@ Director Janice Finein and Vice President of Client Relations & Analytics Donnie Funderud oversee all aspects of the process together.

To bring more intentioned offerings to clients, ZGM formed two additional divisions of the firm, ENVIRO™ offering branded space design and ZGM Health which focuses on data analytics and outreach. Located in uptown Charlotte, their studio doors are open for anyone interested in what’s next.

ZGM Leadership

What we'll do for you !


Gain a stronger understanding of your audience segments and their behaviors with access to some of the world’s leading sources of data, consumer preference studies and trend reports.


Determine the most effective ways to reach your audiences in today’s dynamic marketing environment. Allocate appropriate spends for each segment along with the most appropriate marketing approach.


Build the brand communications to engage your audiences. Manage your brand reputation thoughtfully, influencing how you resonate, sound and are perceived.

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