Audience Segmentation and Campaign Integration


Parsec Financial, a long established and successful brand in wealth management for the affluent, launched a new division to target those individuals at an earlier point in their lives for retirement planning. The new division would need a name, campaign materials and a growth strategy while the existing brand communications needed modernizing.


As the agency of record, ZGM recommended a cohesive brand campaign with consumer segmentation to their existing and new audiences. The new audience was targeted with messaging of “being on you’re way”, while the existing audience and more affluent were targeted with messaging “you’ve earned this”. We then developed thought provoking collaterals, print advertising, digital communications and other materials to support the two divisions in a strong and cohesive manner.


We took financial copy and created striking infographics to better illustrate the proprietary process of Parsec when engaging with their clients. Financial materials can be very copy heavy so we worked to create a visually stunning way of explaining their process in both the brochure and on the new website.

Again, brand cohesion was extremely important in everything we accomplished.

In addition, we recommended an elegant signature of the Founder/CEO on the inside cover and showcased proprietary photography we shot on site of the people of Parsec Financial as their client experience is a great differentiator for them.