Naming & Trademark Design


Documentary film maker, Tom Morgan, came to ZGM with a special request. “I need a name for an idea that compels people to step out of their comfort zone and join a movement to be something bigger than themselves.”


During the ideation phase ZGM discussed how much our society today is consumed with “outside appearance,” such as makeovers, losing weight and looking great. Why not talk about how a makeover on the “inside” can and should be so much more powerful? Our development of the name, “Brave
New You” was pitched for this type of self- exploration. For the brand symbol, we chose an edgy typeface and kept it simple, allowing Morgan’s thought-provoking documentaries to take center stage.


Thomas Morgan is an independent writer and producer as well as partner in Reframed Pictures. He produces humanitarian documentaries, notably “Waiting for Mamu.”

He has won the Director’s Humanitarian Award, Best Documentary Short and First Official Selection at the Sedona International Film Festival as well as the Best Documentary Short at