Strategy & Design


The Democratic National Convention Committee chose ZGM for artwork and design services for the 2012 credential. “Zander Guinn Millan, Inc. has the experience, skill set and creativity that we’re looking for to design a functional and visually appealing credential,” said DNCC CEO Steve Kerrigan. “We’re excited to be working with this local company on our
credential design, because credentials not only provide access to the main event, but are a keepsake from the convention that attendees will hold on to for many years to remember their experience in Charlotte.”

The Narrative

Theme: Americans Coming Together

The theme of the credential was “Americans Coming Together,” and Zander Guinn Millan, Inc. was asked to develop credential designs in coordination with the DNCC, the security printing vendor and other vendors.


ZGM proposed designs of abstract groups of people in watercolors for the front of each credential. The design allowed us to imbue a sense of togetherness without focusing on any one type of American. Each front featured a different color scheme to make the days of entry easily discernible to security. For the back of each credential, we featured an important day in history where “Americans came together.”